LTE Cat M1/NB1 & EGPRS modules

Configurable multi-regional coverage

Size: 16 x 26 x 2.50 mm

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M2 Series

Bluetooth(R) 5 BLE SoC

Lowest power radio – 10X to 100X lower

On -demand Wake Up

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ULC Series

Ultra-Flexible DC - 18 GHz Test Cables

2.0 in bend radius & minimal phase change with flexure

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Wireless Connectivity Tester

802.11ax WiFi, Bluetooth classic & BLE, ZigBee & more

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Front-end Modules for Next Generation LTE Solutions

2.5G, 3G & 4G support

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Sumitomo Electric

Ku Band GaN HEMT

Power Amplifier

13.75 to 14.5 GHz

Pout = +48 dBm

Internally matched to 50 ohms


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Innovative Solutions in Wireless Communications Components

Disman Bakner is a manufacturers’ representative firm serving the wireless communications components market in Northern California & Northern Nevada.

  • Education: BSEE University of South Wales
  • Companies: Trinity Technologies, Forte Technical Sales, DSP Group, Synaptics
  • Positions held: Field Sales Engineer, Co-Founder, Dir. of Sales, Dir. Strategic Accounts
  • Joined Disman Bakner in March, 2021