Bluegiga Technologies


Bluetooth® Smart Module

9.15 X 15.75 X 1.83 mm
BT 4.2 compliant
Ultra low Tx, Rx & sleep current

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Reflectionless Filters

Lowpass, highpass & bandpass; DC-21 GHz

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Wireless Connectivity Tester

WiFi, Bluetooth classic & BLE, ZigBee & more

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Multimode Multiband Cellular FEM

2.5G, 3G & 4G support

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OX / OY Series

Enhanced Stability & Temp Range XO

+/-4 ppm stability
Temp range: -55 to +125 deg C

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EtherSmart LTE 1.0™

Cellphone Adaptive Antenna solution

50% smaller than passive antenna
Adjusts for head & hand detuning

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Innovative Solutions in Wireless Communications Components

Disman Bakner is a manufacturers’ representative firm serving the wireless communications components market in Northern California & Northern Nevada.

About Us

Founded in 1983, Disman Bakner has extensive experience helping our customers develop the best products imaginable. Our field sales engineers provide knowledgeable advice and creative solutions to our customers’ most challenging requirements. Complimenting their efforts, our experienced inside sales team provides solid support throughout the entire sales cycle.

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Line Card

We are proud to represent many of the best manufacturers in the wireless communications industry. Our primary thrust is to provide best-in-class components throughout a radio design, from antenna down to (but not including) the baseband processor. We venture a bit out into other interesting areas:

  • 1 All types of radio modules – Bluetooth, cellular, ZigBee, GNSS & Wi-Fi
  • 2 High efficiency power management IC’s from DC/DC converters to PMUs
  • 3 The best thermal pads in the industry
  • 4 Creative EMI shielding solutions which reduce size, weight and cost
  • 5 Al, Cu & Au bond wire & ribbon, solder preforms & innovative semiconductor packaging solutions

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